18 December 2011

Pommel Pumelled

David's handcare by Pomelle

It was cold as I got to Brimham. I  had the traction control going on the drive in and the sun was in a cloudless sky. Perfect conditions for bouldering. I could only claim the slightest of hangovers, my back was fine and the Pommel when I got to it, was bone dry. Getting warmed up was proving harder.  In the dip in which  the boulders sit there was a lot of freezing air. I think I traversed around for half an hour or so before I could feel my fingers warming through. Then with the sun on my back I was able to shed a few layers.
A couple arrived fresh from a Saturday on Stanage where it had been minus five at lunchtime and we started ticking off a few problems. I had a couple of goes at the Pommel got my hands on top but again no further. Then on go three I got the top, slapped for the "jug"and resorted to  a version of the Gritstone swim of terror to seem me over the top. Actually my style wasn't too bad in the end and as it's my first V4 I will let myself off.
By now a cast of thousands had arrived and the whole area had mats at the bottom and people were trying all sorts of things. Many tried the Pommel and a few hollow cheeked, hard types got it. Just as many got shrugged off. Perhaps it is quite tricky after all.
I polished off a few favourite problems and got a crimpy 6b wall I had done in the summer at full power with out too much drama. Then drove back home for lunch.
That may be the last session this year and if it is I'm happy. The list thing has meant I have improved probably a whole grade not bad for a man of 43. On to Tick Tock 2012 now.
Thanks to everyone who provided encouragement or spotting duties this year. Special thanks are owed to the following. Stu, Bryn, Karrie, Andy Crome, Andy Glasiter, Dean and Rob and my family for tolerating all those trips to Brimham to stand around watching me fail and chunter under my breath.
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