19 October 2011

Look to the future now

So whilst I'm sulking with a bad back I had better  try and formalise some of my ideas about next year's list, whilst moping and naval gazing. With a couple of weeks off for injury and less chance of getting out over the next few months my thoughts are turning to next year.

Here's where my thinking is at so far. Ruth should be pleased as a couple will need a rope and if anybody fancies making the trip to what was my favourite cragging spot in the Peak namely Stanage. I would be delighted to point you at what I think are some of the finest routes in the world.

Birch Tree Wall
Birch Tree wall - Brimham. Often touted as Yorkshire's finest VS. A bit run-out but should be well within my capabilities. Looked at this years ago and it looked beyond me. Last time I looked it seemed more reasonable and it looks like with a bit of low cunning it actually pretty protectable.

Demon Wall - Almscliffe.   An Old School classic. Looks reachy, but they do look like big holds if you can reach them. Should be pretty well protected and if you do come off you won't hit anything as its pretty steep. Probably three stars of anyone's money. Classic Almscliffe HVS, about time I lead a HVS again.

Trick Arete - Earl Crag  Tried this  last year and I couldn't get off the ground. Mind you it was after my German beer drinking summer holiday. Ought to be right up my street as its technical and fingery, should go on a good day.

Crescent Arete - Stanage  More unfinished business from the 1990's and now a highball classic. I tried this before bouldering mats were invented, when what technique I possessed was fairly green. I backed off near the top then. I think with a couple of pads under it and some sticky rubber it should be fine. Sort of a step up from Matterhorn Arete.

I think these four definitely make the list but to be honest I am light of a few. Anything that didn't get done last year stays on the list of course. I could do with a few more to be thinking about though. Any ideas gratefully received.

Oh and Mrs TickTock2011 says I shouldn't assume I will ever recover. I pointed out even a cripple can dream.

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