14 September 2011

Raging against the dying of the light

A perfect autumn evening and the Cliff was a lovely place to be. I gulped down my tea and touched down at about 5.50,  full of enthusiasm and hope. The friction was wonderful, some of my "possible with real application" problems seemed easy.  Everything was sticking like glue. After warming up on a few bits and pieces, I bothered That Wall left of Matterhorn Arete once more. Tonight was the night though with a new sequence for my feet, I finally got the finishing hold and 18 months of on off attempts paid off. I still thought it was hard for 6a though,  really thin crimps. Bryn Stu and Cosmo arrived and we spent an amiable hour or so pulling on a few bits and bobs, until a huge and full moon came up through the encroaching cloud. We then walked off into the night. Vintage Stuff.
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