7 July 2011


Brimham again. Armed with the "knowledge" to bend the very overhanging arĂȘte of the pommel to my will, I got stuck in. The plan started well in that I got the outrageous foot jam in, spanned up and got the sloping top. At this point a muscle in my forearm pulled a bit and I failed to finish it. I was happy as I didn't think I would get as far as I did on my first proper go. It reckons to be solid 6b and it was firmly on my possible list. The rest of the evening was at Hidden Roof and Heart Shaped Slab. The wall problem at Hidden Roof seemed hard for 5 turns out it's 6a+ on Yorkshire grit so I feel better about not finishing it. Heart Shaped Slab delivered a mantle of powerful delicacy, if that's possible and many people shook their heads in frustration. Stuart managed to get stuck "6/10" and Ruth managed to keep her desire to do routes to herself but I just got the tiniest hint of a suggestion. I'm already polishing my crabs.

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