27 July 2011


Excuse the inexcusable Gary Glitter reference. This has nothing to do with disgraced 70's glam rockers. Bryn however has been on the sharp end of a rope. He spent an Intensive 20 minutes learning to place runners on Fluted Columns which he climbed with aplomb. Everyone else seemed consumed by degrees of malaise, a pity as it was a truly spectacular evening. I couldn't even raise my gaze to the horizon to drink it in. I was bouldering on auto pilot as well and never really got going. Nice to see Bryn trying new games. I left a little disappointed as I had projects at all grades that shrugged me off. Surely though I must take this bit of rough and hope some smooth is coming my way soon. Talk of Dental Slab at Rylstone next week now there's a route to get out of a rut on.

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