14 July 2011

It's been a while

I think my last VS lead was a 2Oth century event. So last night was a trip down memory lane. Ruth provided the impetus as she wanted to do routes and she had let this slip once or twice. The evening started with myself and Rob trying and failing the new improved Morrell's Wall and declaring it to definately have gone up a grade. Next stop was the twice failed by me, Zig Zag direct on the Cliff's West face. Its a shortish roof with lots of holds, but it is steep. I made a bit of a meal of it really but after some up and down to a good rest, I did manage to get a good cam over the roof before resting again. As I could find no way to get anyone else to have a go, I then  had to have another go myself. In the end it seemed to be about sorting your feet out. When I had, what was left of my arms carried me over the roof and up to a beautiful view over most of Yorkshire. I felt lucky to have discovered climbing, it was a nice place to be.

Everyone else had a good go Ruth seconding with interest. Of the rest  some demolished it and some saved it for next tine. Myself and Rob then went back to bother Morell's Wall. This time as it had cooled down a little, it seemed little harder than before the hold broke. We declared it to be pretty much the same grade now we had done it.
Meanwhile Ruth was working her way up Long Chimney with a spirit enthusiasm that kicked in and out with the number of pigeons above her head. Once she committed to the bowels of the chimney though, she was home and dry. As Ruth toppped out, I shuffled off and the full moon lit up the late evening. All in all a vintage evening from where I was.
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