22 June 2011

More less than more

Given that midsummer has just rolled on by, I thought I would post my two pennorth from a recent Facebook debate on the merits of rock vs plastic climbing:

"I think Bryn summed it up best with his point by point summary. I didn't expect many would vote for indoors, but climbing would be a significantly worse interest without it. It frustrates me to have to go indoors on a rainy summer night, but I'm quite happy to have some plastic to hang off in the winter. And I would say that indoor climbs have produced some memorable moments - the green cave problem at the Depot that took about 6 weeks to crack, the purple overhang in the comp that Bryn softened up for me. For the climb, I don't yet see that man-made is inherently worse than natural - I often find unreality has its advantages over reality - though being out there in the world is a beautiful thing that more people could do to experience."

I refer to some earlier posts there, but I don't feel it's my place to recreate them here - I shall leave that to the authors, if they wish

Per the title and first line of this post, the year does indeed fly by. I usually feel that the nights come in quicker than they went out, and with much occurring to distract us during the summer, it seems that outdoor climbing will soon start to wane for the year. Whilst this will deprive us of the chance to sit and breathe in the world, to bathe in sunset's rays, personally I choose to be philosophical about it. Although I have recently - thanks to finding climbing and circus skills as hobbies - become a summer person, I actually like the way the seasons give the year shape and rhythm. The pattern of outdoor and indoor climbing is one of technical and strength, which I feel - so far - complement each other well.

And what does this leave me for the rest of the outdoor year? My view on ticks is a philosophical one as well, as I will not beat myself up for not climbing something, only congratulate myself when I do. I have had some pleasing moments this year, and I'm sure I will have more, but the ticks will come as they may. In that spirit, it seems fitting that we plan on visiting Shipley Glen this evening (if we are not thrice cursed by the rains), a crag I have not seen before - the ticks and tick-list items will become apparent as the evening progresses.
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