20 June 2011

Get orf moi crag!

One of my favourite things about skateboarding was the places it took me- down back streets, multi-story car parks, flyovers. Not only was it discovering and exploring cities, it was also taking me to places not many people go, or are allowed to go. I was reminded of this when I got bollocked by a farmer this evening for some illegal bouldering.

After finding 'Yorkshire Grit' in the library I have been searching more places to go and play. First of all it tempted me back up to Little Almscliff, which I really enjoyed. I then noticed on ukclimbing that there was a nearby
crag over in the wilds of Haverah Park , and that it had an (albeit empty) entry in the guidebook as well. So this evening I parked up in Beckwithshaw, walked in to the crag and had a play and and an explore. I will refrain from saying much about it, or showing any of the pics as I got busted walking off the crag by the aforementioned unhappy farmer, and he wasn't keen on me telling anyone about it. Not sure what his problem is- maybe he's worried about it turning into a free festival up there, but I can't see it somehow. Either ways, it's his land so off I go.

So I then stopped by Almscliff and we got gradually, and then persistently, rained off the crag. But I managed to sneak in a bit of a tick, so it wasn't all bad. And it certainly hasn't stopped my lust for adventure- got Brandrith, and Eavestone lined up in my sights. And possibly even hitting Adel when I go there to do some training, just because its there.
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