26 May 2011

Woo Hoo

 After a few weeks on tour it was back to the Cliff (other crags are available). It was grey and sombre and the threatened rain was definately starting now and then. We played around on Morell's wall for a  bit with Bryn and Stu getting to grips with it, if not cracking the code.

Three years ago when my limited bouldering renaisance began the target was Matterhorn Arete. With a big pile of mats under it it was still high but it was pretty straightforward and very high quality with a big adrenaline rush thrown in to boot.

With confidence riding high it seemed rude not bother Crucifix Arete which was this spring's project. It went first go and seemed easy but I think the 20 or so goes I have had on it recently helped.

 So a bit of application and the list is looking like it might be more realistic than it looked a few weeks ago and a good chunk of the year remains.
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