5 May 2011

How was it for you?

Wednesday night saw the loose collective that is Wednesday night bouldering swell in number to nine. Bothering Caley Crag boulders on another sun dappled evening I think pretty much everyone got something from the session. Hostilities commenced under the wonderfully named Roof of the World with many people finding a way to get up some steep ground with big holds, Ellie seems likely to remember her ascent for a while yet.

I had been looking at the aptly named Smear Arete over the weekend but didn't fancy the landing with a single pad. With another pad thown under it though it was actually pretty straight forward and of top quality as long as you like smearing.
Finally after a few other diversions everyone ended up at the lovely Flapjack boulder trying all kinds of things.  People then  either gaining a smile from padding up  the excellent scoop problem or nashing their teeth trying to stand up in that pocket "just one more time". Stuart seemed more determined than most and a sideways dismount left him with a bruised shoulder as he missed the mat and hit a good size lump of grit.  Leeds import Andy then proving he didn't need his fingers to do it just good foot work and belief.

So a couple of problems that snook onto my list at the weekend are now ticked off and  after  many false starts I finally get some progress. More importantly it was a lovely evening.
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