19 May 2011

beyond the bracken monster's grasp

Another Wednesday evening  at Caley.  The bracken is above the knee now and the leaves have filled in overhead.  With vegetation and the leaf canopy comes an increase in humidity levels, everything gets that little bit more slippy and that little bit harder.

To counter the conditions, your a few weeks fitter and you have now tried the problems a few more times and you think you  know the sequence. Maybe tonight will be  one of those you wait all year for.

Stuart got the elegant Flapjack scoop by stuffing his fingers into that pocket, that feels like it will grab on to your fingers and snap them off  if your foot slips off.  He didn't slip, but eased up it smoothly.
Bryn returned to something like form and made short work of the aretes on the Scone.

I got a mantel on the back of the Scone that was a little bit odd or maybe not really my style, it went anyway although I was a tad wet at the top.

Stu and Bryn got a  mini tour of some of the other great boulders hiding in the woods. Before we ran in to a couple who were both on top form and  knew were all the holds were.

I next removed a layer of palm skin on the Horn but got a little further and it feels a little more likely after every session.

 A  vintage session? For me no, it was pleasing repeating some of my favourite problems, I climbed pretty well but never quite hit top gear.  The company was good and the woods were a great place to be. I guess I will have to go again next week. Just to see if there is yet more fun to be had and if that crock of gold materialises.
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