11 April 2011

Picnic at Spofforth Rocks

Last Friday the glorious sunshine led me to abandon my plan for a lunch-time session at Harrogate Climbing Centre and swing by Spofforth instead. I've been up there once or twice before, and ended up having a fine picnic in the sunshine atop one of the large blocks that are dotted around the field above the river Crimple.

Much of the rock there is of dubious quality- very sandy, green, and I even found a dead bat on one hold! However, its all great for a pootle about and you can end up getting high up very easily. Short on time (it was my lunch hour), and baking in the sun I ended up doing some 'proper' climbing on the Tower block- the one furthest away. This has a great big wall, with some solid pockets and breaks, that comes in at 5/ V1- great landing but mine had no mat on it so I backed off. It also has some more over-hanging stuff, some good aretes, and a 'round-the-block' traverse that I couldn't suss out at all!

I can see Spofforth making a great option for future lunch hours- especially as it is just off the Harrogate ring road- and hopefully a few more picnics as well.
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