20 March 2011

Lord's Seat

First proper mission of the year went to Lord's Seat- up on Barden Fell- to celebrate my birthday. We only had the afternoon but the guide said it was a 30-35 minute walk, so off we went up the hill. 1 hour later we finally got there! That said, it was a stunning (if strenuous) walk in, and the climbing well worth it.

First impression was of the quality of the gritstone- not only was it unbelievably sticky, but there were some jug-sized pebbles going on as well. So great friction, and sore fingers. Second was the range of climbing- from kid-friendly scrambles, easy slabs, solos, to more complicated roof problems. Given our abilities (V0-3) we were spolit for choice, but limited by time. We warmed up on the furthest outcrop, scared ourselves on the Front Bay, and were just getting into the South Face problems when got rained off. That said, the grit was easy to climb with damp shoes as most of the ground was wet, so I reckon you could climb in the drizzle there quite happily.

Definitely somewhere to return to, but next time for a full day and hopefully better weather.
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