9 January 2011

The first seven days

Nothing worthy of a tick - indoor climbing, with its more changeable nature, is still the focus - but three climbs in five days was still a good start to the year.  Worth getting the quantity just after the holiday, but the quality was occasionally off.  Monday's visit to The Depot featured a mini-tick in the form of an eliminate on a purple problem on the overhanging comp wall - previously having won ten points on the same climb in the Leeds bouldering ladder* - but form elsewhere was average, with no new problems of note being conquered, and a few that had been done before managing to get their own back on me.  Wednesday and Friday's trips were to Harrogate Climbing Centre, and saw the breaking in of my new harness - the Black Diamond Bod, as recommended by Dave - and a lead climb on a relatively easy route.  Again, form on harder climbs wasn't great, but it was satisfying to expand my equipment collection - belay device and karabiner next - and progressive to take on a lead at last.  These things will hopefully allow me to expand my tick last, as more options become open to me.

*And perhaps Bryn will have something to say about this particular climb...?
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