30 December 2010

Morrell's Wall

Seeing as how it was on mine and Stu's list, thought I would post up a link to Morrell's Wall
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Welcone Stu and Bryn to the Blog

We have two new contributors to tick tock 2011. Bryn and Stu who will climb and blog along.
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29 December 2010

It is Nearly New Years Eve

This blog is an attempt to focus the mind and hit some climbing goals. Last year saw me consolidate my climbing a little but I didn't feel I made much real progress. I think writing this down should mean this coming year I have more defined targets. I hope to keep visiting the wall whilst the weather is dark and wet and then hopefully I should have one or two off the list by Spring. Oh and the mantra remains "there will be no injuries along the way".

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